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For single storey buildings (bungalows):

Architectural drawings
Electrical drawings
Mechanical drawings

For multi-storey buildings:

Architecture drawings
Structural drawings
Mechanical drawings
Electrical drawings
Payment is made online on the website or via direct bank transfer
The plan is delivered in PDF soft copies via email, hard copies are delivered via courier.
Planning approval is best processed for the owner by the planning office. We don’t process building plan approval but can recommend a party and help you through the process.
The drawing cost are listed within the plan information on the home page and store pages respectively.
The listed plan costs do not apply to Abuja and Lagos State due to the requirements for approval drawings in these places. Engineering drawings are charged separately for Lagos and Abuja.
Building cost vary based on various factors such as location, finishes type of foundation, we can give you a rough estimate of the building. A detailed bill of quantities can be done after plan purchase as a separate item.
Ahen an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book areIt hasear
Yes we can modify floor plans to suit your requirements. This carries an additional fee due to the added scope of work.
Yes we build and supervise to achieve the desired outcome.
This depends on the extent of modifications, the schedule will be advised upon the determining the scope of modification and prior to plan purchase.

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