5 ways to avoid scam house plan products

Purchasing a scam house plan product is the worst thing that can happen to any one. Many individuals gets scared of carrying out transaction online because of Internet scam products, it  becomes very difficult to make clear transactions regarding house plan purchase.

Therefore, there is need to learn and understand how to identify scam house plan products.  If you have ever make the mistake of paying for a scam products online, please join me to learn how to play safe when transacting business online. Some of the Tracking Signals to guide you are listed below.

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Remember all that glitters is not gold, take pains to verify whether the product you want to buy is scam. when you visit a house plan site be sure to verify that the site is been back up by a register firm with corporate account commission(CAC) in Nigeria or with the country local registry authority.  Another way to check is to get reviews about the site from www.google.com, This will help you get more information about the site and products you are looking for. Make sure the house plan site have a valid office address and phone number.

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Checking the mode of payment of the product you want to buy

Check the Registries of the house plan product to know if it is connected to the house plan site you visited and never make the mistake of making payment outside the house plan site or to any account that is not a corporate current account number. If  an house plan agent or salesperson requires you  to transfer money to a personal saving account  or ask you to make payment out the main corporate account of the  house plan site, then note you might be in for a scam products.

Producers’/Vendors’ website

Every legitimate house plan site , whether small, medium, or large-sized, has their business license and trademark with corporate account commission(CAC). And they usually publish those on their website in their home page or about us page along with signs for customers to identify legit products. You can check to find out and avoid being scammed.

 ROI( return of investment)

If  an house plan firm promise to deliver almost every thing at a very little fees, then it is time to watch carefully to avoid been scam  remember the saying “It’s too good to be true.” That is a common saying, isn’t it? However, it is true to some extent. When you see that the product being offered guaranteeing a much higher ROI or it is completely free package than usual and does not require much financial commitment, then be sure that it’s highly a scam house plan products.

 “Acting force” by vendors’

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What I mean “acting force” is the force from the salesperson or house plan agent. True salesmen always allow you to have spare time to think and make your decision. On the contrary, fraudsters usually tend to squeeze the time and rush you to buy their product. So be careful not to be scammed.

In Conclusion I hope that this will go a long way to guide you when carrying out online transaction, this are just some of the many ways you can identify scam house plan products. if you are not too sure of the house plan  product agent  and you really want to purchase that product or similar one you can always contact me for verification and assistance, I will be glad to help. thanks for spending time with me.  good luck.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any question about this topic and I will more than happy to help you out.

With love and Respect

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